Q - Will this fade, crack or peel?

Answer: No this is not a paint or an overlay

Q - Is there multiple color options?

Answer: Yes however experience has shown that sticking to earth tones provides the best option for virtually any house color so we primarily use a selection of earth tone colors.

Q – Do I need to do anything more once it is completed?

Answer: Yes we recommend that all of our clients have a complete reseal approx. 5 years after the initial job was completed.

Q - Do you offer financing?

Answer: At this time we offer ½ down and ½ upon completion we also take credit cards but will add 2 percent to the total to cover the fees.

Q - Do you offer a warranty?

Answer: Yes we offer a 5 year no hassle warranty to all of our clients

Q - Do I have to check with my HOA?

Answer: Yes however it depends on your particular HOA some have minor restrictions for our work while others have none at all.

Q – How long before I can use my driveway?

Answer: You can walk on your driveway and walk ways within a couple hours however you cannot drive on the driveway for 2-3 days. This allows everything to cure and be ready for the weight of your vehicles.

Q – Can it be repaired?

Answer: Yes, we provide you with a small touch up kit any major damage will be covered by your warranty.